Invitation To Eco-Village


We are creating a Kin’s Domain village, on land we fell in love with: 250 acres of forests, lakes, streams and springs, midway between Montreal and Ottawa, in the Laurentians.
Some of us have had a vision of a possible future for the earth and its inhabitants: a future, in which the humans interact in peaceful, harmonious ways with themselves and with nature.
After reading a book series (the Ringing Cedars of Russia) we all got inspired to create a “Space of love” for ourselves, our families and our neighbours, and to live a sustainable ecological lifestyle in harmony with all beings.
As we come together and recognize each others as stewards of the same vision, we realized that our main desire is to regain our role as co-creators and stewards of the earth. Our core values are integrity, authenticity, self-sufficiency, respect and harmonious inter-personal relationships.

What makes Kin’s Domains unlike other eco-community?

• Each family owns at least 1 hectare (2.5 ac) to foster a self sustaining domain for themselves and their descendants.
• Each lot will have sufficient area to grow food for the family in harmony with the surrounding environment. Each domain land plans to have 1/3 forest, natural hedges and forest gardening creating a natural ecosystem following permaculture traditions.
• The village will host a variety of social and cultural events for the village residents and the community at large.
• A community infrastructure, such as a visitor and workshop centre, school or home-schooling center, sauna, permaculture terraced gardens, micro manufacturing of needed goods, and shared equipment for the production of organically grown food.